POLYGON CHEMICALS is a specialty chemical manufacturer in the field of construction chemicals, water treatment & oil field chemicals.

At POLYGON CHEMICALS, We continuously investigate and analyze the best chemical formulations available globally and incorporate their most desirable features in our products. A technology driven team of professionals undertaking total chemical cleaning of pipelines & conduits also backs us up.
We offer our valued customers a service oriented package dealings that include a 3 fold application – customization & demonstration of products at actual site conditions, dispatch of materials as per pre schedule and a post sales technical service on regular basis.Thus by constant research, we aim to provide the best value for your money.
Polygon Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. will benefit from the construction and the real estate boom in India. The infrastructure sector is moving at a rapid pace. The government is well aware about the key role this sector plays for India to grow. Hence, the kind of thrust that is being given to this sector is huge. As a result, due to the increasing demand in the construction sector, there will also be potential demand for the
construction chemicals.
The construction chemical is a niche market and in India it is still in its nascent stage. With infrastructure to go a long way this specialty chemicals too have a bright future. The growing awareness and the manifold benefits that these chemicals possess will drive their demand to new heights. Also, the projects sanctioned by World Bank and ADB have made the usage of construction chemicals mandatory. This will further accelerate the acceptance of these products in the Indian market.Polygon Chemicals has over a decade experience in specialty chemicals. Its product Vitcon 9001, a concrete admixture drives the major revenue of the company. This product is widely used in the construction sector, be it in construction of roads,
highways or in hydropower plants. Given the outlook for these industries in the next 5
years, the company is set for even brighter future ahead.